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The 6 Best Cast Aluminum Chimineas for 2022

If you are looking for a way to enjoy your patio or backyard, then consider investing in a cast aluminum chiminea. This is an outdoor fireplace that heats up quickly and can be used year-round. A cast aluminum chiminea will not rust like most other metal fireplaces. It is designed with safety in mind, making it the perfect solution for any outdoor space. The best part about this product is that it does not require assembly!

What Is A Cast Aluminum Chiminea?

A cast aluminum chiminea is a type of outdoor fireplace; it is often made from aluminum, but can also be found in clay or cast iron. Cast aluminum chimineas are designed to hold the firewood inside of the product. In general, this kind of chiminea has a nice look and feel, as well as being more durable than most other models on the market today.

There are basically three ways that you can use a cast aluminum chiminea: You can sit around it with friends and family at night for warmth and company, cook your meal over it if you’re having a barbecue, or simply enjoy its aesthetic appearance.

The design is simple so that even those people with little to no experience can set it up and use it without trouble. The design of a cast aluminum chiminea makes it easier for most people to put the firewood in the chiminea, as well as making it more durable against rust or any other kind of damage that may occur with time.

It has a base that rests on the ground and a ‘T’ shape at the top where you will hold your utensils for cooking your meal, or just some sticks to help maintain the flame level.

Why Should You Buy A Cast Aluminum Chiminea?

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and want to be able to take advantage of the beautiful weather, you should definitely purchase a cast aluminum chiminea. Not only will it help to keep you warm during those cool nights, but it can also serve as a piece that can add some form of décor to your backyard or garden area.

The materials that they are made from, such as aluminum, make them easy for anyone to move around and relocate if necessary. This is especially ideal for those people who live in apartments and need something lightweight and portable. You will also find that this kind of chiminea has an extremely long lifespan; usually, double (or more) than most other designs on the market today.

Best Cast Aluminum Chimineas Reviewed

Cast Aluminum Chimineas are an excellent choice for enjoying your backyard during the great weather that summer offers. The 6 cast aluminum chimineas listed below are hand-picked by our expert based on customer reviews and other criteria such as price, durability, features, design, etc. Each of them is specially designed to provide you with a premium outdoor experience without costing too much money. Here’s our list:

1. Blue Rooster Cast Aluminum Chiminea

The Blue Rooster Cast Aluminum Chiminea is made of aluminum with a powder-coated blue exterior. The chimney provides for efficient combustion incensed by its unique drafting action which allows you to enjoy your favorite beverage while tending the fire without much smoke, perfect for warm weather outdoor entertainment. When you are finished enjoying the evening, just stop adding wood and leave the fire burning out on its own. This design makes it safe in comparison to other designs!

The Prairie style chiminea is a perfect addition to your outdoor living space. This large chiminea provides an excellent place for cooking and enjoying time with family and friends while sitting around the fire. The deep insert of this piece can accommodate full-size logs, which provide a bright open flame when it’s time to make some tasty s’mores by roasting marshmallows across the coals.

With its stylish wire mesh door with latch closure, you can easily add more wood or close up for cooler evening hours in warmer weather (or desired privacy). Held securely in place by 4 durable aluminum leg tips on either end, this Chiminea features 100% cast aluminum construction with stainless steel interior components that offer no rusting and require very little maintenance.

2. Blue Rooster CAST Aluminum Dragonfly Chiminea in Antique Green

The Blue Rooster CAST Aluminum Dragonfly Chiminea in Antique Green is a creative addition to any deck with its radiant, blue color and dragonfly design. Utilizing an airtight seal, this chiminea will create lasting memories for your family and friends when they come over to spend time outdoors. This chimine per stove can also be used as a backup energy source in case of emergencies.

Carry handles built in the exterior allows for easy transportation from one location to another in between gatherings or throughout the day when cooking appetizers or enjoying a light snack. A lifetime warranty means you’ll never have to worry about rust, replacements parts nor repairs again!

3. Venetian Grill Wood Burning Chiminea

The Venetian Grill Wood Burning Chiminea is the most efficient and convenient choice for a barbecue this winter. Fronted by a vintage Venetian design, it provides an efficient drafts with a large mouth, which allows cooking as well as warming yourself by the evening fire.

The chiminea comes with a stainless steel safety door, a spark arrestor and rain lid to stop being rained on from time to time! Along with its side handles for easy portability there’s also all of those useful accessories you can’t do without making this your ultimate winter companion!

4. Deeco CP DM6035J-AA Western Basket Weave Jr. Chiminea with Cast Aluminum

This Deeco Western Basket Weave Jr. Chiminea is perfect for small spaces – the flue can be removed to reveal a grill, and it allows you to enjoy supper outside this summer with friends and family. The cast aluminum design will never rust or crack over time, plus the heat generated by this little guy provides hours of warmth on any given day. The removable lid keeps rain or other debris out when it’s not in use then lifts easily to allow tending the fire/add more wood as needed, while the hinged safety screen prevents sparks from flying out onto your deck.

This cast aluminum fireplace chimenea is crafted in an authentic western basket weave design. The Celtic knot embossing on the top of the fire box creates a subtle sense of heritage, while its spacious bowl provides ample room for family and friends to gather. It uses dry wood or natural gas logs to provide hours of warmth and laughter – all hand-delivered by you! This fireplace makes it simple to bring your outdoor environment indoors with style.

5. Oakland Living Smoke Bear Cast Aluminum Chimenea with Grill

Oakland Living–producer of top-quality outdoor living accessory products that have been designed to bring beauty, style and functionality into your home. Our cast aluminum chimeneas will be a beautiful addition to your patio, backyard or entertainment area. They are perfect for any small space as well as complementing a larger outdoor architecture with elegance and flair.

Every Oakland Living product is made from durable cast aluminum metal with an antique pewter finish so they’ll be attractive for years to come without the hassle of rusting or chipping like most other materials do over time. Each one comes with easy assembly instructions and product care information for use and maintenance down the road.

6. Casita Wood Burning Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace Grill and Oven

A modern and durable outdoor fireplace and grill that will give you the patio cooking experience of your dreams.
The versatility is what makes this product stand out from the competition: you can cook with an open fire or use the oven, which uses heat to cook whatever food you put on its cast iron grates.

With a little bit of creativity (and imagination), this one-of-a-kind chiminea transforms into a badass pizza oven for those late night fiestas in your back yard! Perfect for any social gathering–casual or formal—the Casita Wood Burning Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace Grill and Oven has a sleek design that enhances your backyard charm without sacrificing power or durability.

What To Look For In A Cast Aluminum Chiminea

With the rise in popularity of handcrafted and vintage-inspired products, a market has developed for the production of cast aluminum chimineas. Cast aluminum is a cost effective secondary metal that can be molded into many different shapes and styles to fit your personal taste.

Available in a wide range of sizes, capacities and finishes, cast aluminum chimineas are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Cast aluminum does not rust or corrode so these modern versions of traditional clay models provide more durability than their predecessors.

Their cost effectiveness means they have become very popular with consumers looking to purchase a quality piece at an affordable price. While there is no denying that cast aluminum chimineas are attractive outdoor accessories, how do you select the right one for your needs?

Size and Capacity

When considering a cast aluminum chiminea, size is one of the most important purchase considerations. If you would like to use your chiminea as an accent piece for outdoor decor, a smaller model may be appropriate. However, if you intend to use it as a means of cooking or as the focal point of an outdoor living area, a larger model will better suit your needs. The overall dimensions and capacity of the product should also be considered before making a purchase. A large model will require more room for safe usage while a small model may not meet all your cooking requirements. Based on desired purposes and available space, choose an appropriate size that best suits your specific needs.

Finish and Design

The finish and overall design of cast aluminum chimineas can vary tremendously depending on the manufacturer. Basic models come in two colors: black and brown/red. Models with a powder-coated exterior offer more color choices but may scratch or chip over time while products with an enameled exterior are generally very heavy.

Cast aluminum chiminea covers are also available to protect your unit when not in use, which is especially helpful if you live in an area that experiences harsh winter weather. The design of your chiminea will greatly affect its ability to radiate heat so be sure to select one that best suits your specific needs for both cooking and outdoor decor purposes.

You should also consider the overall appeal of each model before making a purchase. Some designs may be very thin, which makes it difficult for them to radiate heat properly. Others are more round in shape, making them look more like adornments than functional cooking devices.


Style is also an important consideration when shopping for cast aluminum chiminea models. As chimineas have become associated with outdoor living spaces, manufacturers have begun offering more modern design options beyond basic square shapes. Selecting an item with special features can greatly enhance its usability and visual appearance so take time to explore your options before making a decision.

Handcrafted models are available with built-in seating surfaces or storage areas while others come with hinged doors so users can easily access and stoke coals without requiring complete disassembly of the chiminea. Models with these features may cost slightly more than traditional designs but they also help increase overall functionality and visual appeal, which helps justify their additional cost.

Cast Aluminum Chiminea FAQs

Where can you use a cast aluminum chiminea?

A cast aluminum chiminea can be used in just about any outdoor setting where it’s okay to build a fire.

What is the size of a cast aluminum chiminea?

The size of a cast aluminum chiminea will depend on which one you buy and what you intend to use it for. Most range in length from about 10 inches up to 36 inches, and in diameter between 5 and 13 inches across. Some people only want the device because it looks nice near their patio or pool, while others might want theirs to stand up against frequent outdoor use from children or adults who love cooking outdoors.

How much does a cast aluminum chiminea cost?

You can usually find them for sale on many different websites, as well as in some retail stores. A good price range to expect is $120-$350.

How long does a cast aluminum chiminea last?

This will vary from person to person based on how often they use it and how careful they are with their product.

How is it different from a fireplace?

A cast aluminum chiminea emits heat in more of an open environment than the close quarters of an indoor fireplace; meaning that some of the heat goes out into the room while cooking. It’s also easier to control what you’re burning, since some foods require indirect heat while others need hot direct flames. It’s similar to indirect grilling on your BBQ grill at home, but on a larger scale.

The chiminea tends to provide less noticeable sparks and emissions compared with fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. Also, many cast aluminum chimineas are designed to be moved around easily for whatever reason you might want them moved (such as relocating it so you can still use it while doing yard work, or to access an area on the other side of a wall without going outside).

How would I clean a cast aluminum chiminea?

A basic way to get the job done is by taking ashes out and wiping down any soot. Other products exist that can also help with these jobs. You should never use water since this will cause rusting. If you have a particularly stubborn mess then brush or scrape off as much as possible before using these types of cleaners.

Once you’re finished, wipe down again with a dry towel and remove any traces of moisture from inside of your chiminea to avoid rusting/discoloration/chemical reactions in the future. It’s best if you do this after every use.

How do I start a fire in my cast aluminum chiminea?

Most people suggest not to put paper inside of it since this can clog the grates over time, but it’s up to you. Some people also think that dumping lighter fluid on top of wood is an effective way to start a fire because it accelerates the process.

If using charcoal, you should place some underneath your chiminea along with chunks of wood so that they both have enough oxygen for cooking.

Once you have enough coals lit, move them off to one side so that there are no large flames blocking the grate where your food will be placed.

Keep adding small pieces of fuel throughout cooking process until done – never place larger pieces on top of your chiminea since they could clog the air holes and not allow enough oxygen to pass through.

How do I grill with a cast aluminum chiminea?

You should place what you would like to cook over the grate, and then put coals underneath and around it so that your food gets just as much heat as if cooking on an oven. If using charcoal, arrange some under and around where you’re cooking first before lighting them up. Keep adding more small pieces of fuel throughout cooking process until done – never place large pieces on top of your chiminea since these could clog the air vents and not let enough oxygen get through.

Are there any other benefits to using a cast aluminum chiminea?

Cast aluminum chimineas can sometimes last up to fifty years because of how sturdy they tend to be. If handled properly, the only thing that might go wrong over time is some slight rusting or discoloration – which you could prevent with cleaners and maintenance as mentioned above.

Other than that, it’s a great way to cook your food and enjoy what nature provides for us without having to worry about safety hazards like soot and smoke inhalation. As long as you buy quality products and handle them responsibly, cast aluminum chimineas can be used by anyone at any skill level safely and effectively.


A cast aluminum chiminea is a form of outdoor cooking that’s designed to provide an alternative to fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, without having the hazards that come with them such as sparks/emissions and smoke inhalation. The article above should have offered enough information for you to decide if this would be a good addition to your home, along with how it works and how you can clean one properly.

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